Empowering Virtually Anyone To

Make Almost Anything Happen


Empowering Virtually Anyone To Make Almost Anything Happen Imagine the world in 10 years if the people's confidence in successfully achieving their dreams grew by 10%. The confidence to risk the comforts of today, like Steve Wozniak’s scientific calculator or Steve Job’s VW bus, which were both sold to buy parts to assemble the first Apple computers. We would have more people improving relationships, finding cancer cures, running marathons, opening restaurants, writing books and seeing their children graduate. Imagine our world with 10% more people completing the many ordinary actions that can add up extraordinary accomplishments.

The mission of Angel Advocate is to help enable people to thrive in our challenging modern day, improve their personal well-being and make almost anything happen.


Why we need to help

We help ourselves by helping others.

How many dreams do you have?

Dreams help us improve our personal well-being.

We no longer choose between work and family. Our personal well-being is tied to fitting in each of our dreams: earning a diploma, a good job, having our own homes, being a good parent and spouse, a career with a purpose, creation (i.e., book, side business), running marathons and coaching winning youth soccer teams.