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Nobel Prize for Complexity of Human Decision Making

Economist Richard Thaler won the Nobel Prize in economics yesterday for his work in Behavioral Economics. This is a field of study of the complexity of human decision making. He is second person to win a Noble Prize in economics for Behavioral Economics. Psychologist Daniel Kahneman won the same award in 2002.  The field is a…
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Complexity of Choosing a Life Path After Graduation

There are few things more complex to manage in life than choosing a path or journey after graduation. A high school teenager, with little experience with life altering decisions, must choose an education or vocational path, maybe a new place to live, and a complex journey. A college senior must choose a path of uncertainty…
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How Many Dreams Are You Pursuing?

For most of human existence, personal well-being was mostly about achieving basic physical needs (food, water, shelter, and clothing). While progress over the last two hundred years has improved human lives and opened up new possibilities, it has also made achieving our desired personal well-being more complicated. Our modern day has brought a culture of expectations…
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Why We Need To Help

Eric Greitens was a U.S. Navy SEAL hunting suspected al-Qaeda terrorists in Ramadi, Iraq. When he and his team blew through a door during a raid, he was introduced to a dilemma that would likely define him forever. Yet there was no time to consider his options, he had to trust his instincts.  At one…
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