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We Get It From Collaborations And eDream Pursuits

Our modern day makes our dreams and how we achieve them even more complex. Our evolving definition of personal well-being requires us to pursue many dreams during our lifetime. Therefore, our future prosperity will be directly related to how successful we are at achieving complex dreams and how often we involve ourselves in meaningful collaborations.…
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Improve Personal Well-Being

For most of the history of mankind, our personal well-being was mostly about addressing basic physical needs (food, water, shelter, and clothing).  Up until the late 19th century, hard work was the recipe for achieving a good life. Industrialization brought efficiencies in the early 20th century that began to enable people to spend less of…
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Thrive In Our Modern Day

In our modern day, we are educating high school students for careers lasting into the 2070’s, yet we struggle to imagine 2020. The speed of change is forcing us to repeatedly realign our careers, strategies and daily lives. The increasing complexity to make things happen requires discovering and negotiating the common intersection of many interests,…
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