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Complexity of Choosing a Life Path After Graduation

There are few things more complex to manage in life than choosing a path or journey after graduation. A high school teenager, with little experience with life altering decisions, must choose an education or vocational path, maybe a new place to live, and a complex journey. A college senior must choose a path of uncertainty that they hope leads to what they think they want.

Rick Rigsby's recent commencement address offers guidance to graduates on how to manage this complexity. The inspirational speaker bases it on the wisdom he learned from his father, who dropped out after third-grade. He speaks to the power of failure and struggle in finding the way.

Wisdom will come from to you in the unlikeliest of sources.

A lot of times from failure

When you hit rock bottom, remember this.

While you are struggling.

Rock bottom can also be a great foundation on which to build and which to grow

I’m not worried that you will be successful,

I’m worried that you won’t fail from time to time

The person the gets off the canvas and keeps growing, that is the person that will continue to grow their influence.

His commencement video is well worth the 10 minutes.

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