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How Many Dreams Are You Pursuing?

For most of human existence, personal well-being was mostly about achieving basic physical needs (food, water, shelter, and clothing). While progress over the last two hundred years has improved human lives and opened up new possibilities, it has also made achieving our desired personal well-being more complicated. Our modern day has brought a culture of expectations that goes way beyond choosing between work and family.

Without understanding what we want and how to get it, we can become frustrated and unfulfilled. We may get insight into what we want by what we do. We achieve personal well-being by spending quality time with family and friends, being a good parent or spouse, being successful in school, finding reward and meaning in a career, creating something of value (i.e., book, side business), learning a new skill or volunteering to improve the lives of those in our community. Most of us have multiple dreams ongoing or expectations within each of these eDream domains:

Family & Friends – successfully raising a family, purchasing and maintaining a home in a good school district, ensuring your children get good educations and managing a family members health issues so it doesn’t impact quality of life.  We help family and friends achieve their dreams.

Relationships - finding the significant other, improving an intimate relationship within a marriage, have more friends that share a common interest and improving a relationship with a parent or grown-up child.

Career and Education – getting the job that supports your lifestyle, reinvent you skills and knowledge, change jobs or careers, become an entrepreneur, build a retirement fund or make your retirement meaningful. Earn a college degree or self-educate to enrich your life.

Creation – start a business, start a non-for-profit organization, design and build a home, develop a new product or service, create a mobile app, create art, music, fashions and movies.

Community – develop a new advocacy, community, social or spiritual service organization. Expand existing services for youths, veterans and services.  Volunteer to make other lives better.

Personal Achievement – achieve a level of personal attainment (financial, spiritual, career), personal development (new language, skill), lose weight, run a 5K, climb Mount Everest.

Lifestyle – adopt a healthy lifestyle, enjoy a meaningful retirement, emigrate to a new culture, adopt a purposeful life through spirituality, adapt after a loss of a loved one, freedom to be authentic.

When we consider pursuing a new dream or big idea, it helps to understand how the one-time and/or ongoing eDream pursuit as well as how your achievement will impact your personal well-being. It requires reflection on your basic needs (such as income and family responsibilities), your expectations within each eDream doman and other eDream you are pursuing. Our modern day expectations requires us to pursue many dreams at the same time, requiring synchrony to fit it all in.

These eDreams likely have risk, are complex, involve many people and often require a multiple year or ongoing pursuit, they may benefit from the proven enablement methodology of Angel Advocate. A methodology to manage multiple people with competing interests, understand many new areas of knowledge, secure funding and coordinate with your other competing personal needs.

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  1. I agree that our dreams come from different areas of our lives. I think it is important to figure out our dreams and the impact they have on our life and relationships. Thank you for the incite.

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