Empowering Virtually Anyone To

Make Almost Anything Happen


shutterstock_72116008 (2M)There may not be a better time to improve peoples' confidence in our ability to improve our personal well-being. Our modern day has brought accelerating speed of change, expanding complexity, synchrony challenges to fit it all in and the need for many iterations to get it right. We find ourselves us continually re-thinking goals, redefining well-being and living with the prospect that we may need to re-invent ourselves. Yet when we consider taking action, we struggle to find the collaborative support we need. The people close to us may lack the specific knowledge, objectivity or emotional bandwidth. They may be simply trying to protect us from failure.

The purpose of Angel Advocate is to encourage people to pursue their dreams and to collaborate with other pursuing their dreams. Our dream pursuits can help us improve our well-being whether we achieve them or not. Collaborating with aspirers offers us purpose and meaning, love and connection and feeling competent and successful. Together, we have the collective wisdom, knowledge and abilities to make almost anything happen.

Angel Advocate offers an enablement methodology that breaks eDreams into manageable components to help identify the ordinary actions that can add up to making them happen. The process enables collaborators to quickly understand the dream, the components and enablement approach to provide valuable input. A goal of Angel Advocate is to demystify how successful aspirers achieve their dreams by illustrating them within the enablement methodology and showing the ordinary actions.

Our future well-being may be tied to our enablement competencies; our ability to make complex things happen.

To contact Angel Advocate, send an email to Admin@AngelAdvocate.com